Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Hedgerow Infographic....

An excellent hedgerow infographic from University of California Cooperative Extension:

Friday, March 27, 2015

A big day today!

Up those trees, ladies!

I like this image from the USDA National Agriculture Library.  It's a war out there, ladies! Climb those trees!  On a more practical note, I often steer students to the USDA NAL, as it is a great all around resource for understanding the history of our land use....

Life in the Margins: The Role of the Post-Modern Hedgerow

Late last month a new essay of mine appeared in Solutions Journal.  It is titled Life in the Margins: The Role of the Post-Modern Hedgerow, and I hope you enjoy it!

Remnant hedgerow, Du Page County, IL. 

I say that it was spring cleaning....

One of the downsides of writing on computers (as opposed to stone tablets!) is that sometimes... things... just get deleted.  Anyway, my explanation is that it was all part of spring cleaning.  I guess this leaves plenty of room for new material?   : )