Thursday, February 14, 2013

Back to School #3

Since the last time my educational pursuits have taken some turns in some different directions. On the teaching side, the new term is well underway and we are again forging ahead into the realms of conifers, plant morphology, and such.

In general, I consider myself a pretty quiet person - but I can get pretty animated under the right circumstances.Those who know me know that I can go off on conversational tangents - and most of the time I can bring the thought home, back to relevance. Most of the time. I'd observe that as a new instructor this tangential capacity serves me well, but I have seen a few eyes glaze over lately, so I need to stay on my toes.  

Some of our better classroom discussions happen before the bell. Last time it was a lively conversation about baseball, specifically a Cubs vs Cardinals debate. I have been cast as a Cardinal fan ever since I observed that their franchise was essentially "the Yankees of the National League."  I'll stand by my opinions, and anyway, the Cardinal is our state bird.  But the rookie teacher in me wants to know how to inspire that same sort of excitement for when the genera Pinus and Picea meet on the field.  I'm thinking beer and hotdogs might help.

On my student side of the coin, my graduate studies are on hold at the moment. Not to worry: while I wait for the CFO of the Maclura Foundation to find the checkbook I am still plotting future strategies of personal learning. These tentacles spread slowly and surely, so don't be too surprised if the usual suspects magically reappear someday.

These little plateaus that life offers have their benefits, I say. I'm using this time to pursue some online training for online training (you read that right) which is as close as I've come yet to the hilarious siblings "writers writing about writing" or the lately fashionable "structuring unstructured outdoor time."  I'm also taking a swing a developing coursework for those tree huggers that will surely populate that bright green future that had better be around the next corner. 


troutbirder said...

Ah the joys of teaching and a little baseball. My son teaches biology and chemistry now in Arizona...:)

Dave Coulter said...

troutbirder - Teaching has put me on a whole new learning curve (ahem) :)

Tree Guardian said...

At least you are on the right side of the baseball debate. Unlike most people in Chicagoland.

Dave Coulter said...

TG - Wise words, my friend!