Thursday, January 26, 2012

New USDA Hardiness Map

The USDA just issued an updated hardiness zone map!

As these things go this is big news for those of us who fret over plants - of all sorts- here in America.  Here at the Mothership we find that we are firmly in the middle of Zone 6A. This is an exciting moment if only because now I can refer back to an old textbook or two to see how this map compares to the USDA map circa 1980.
Yes, the new map certainly has more detail, but here on the edge of the Great Lakes we're about as cold - or warm - as ever. So. If you're wanting to plant that Japanese Maple in Hyde Park - go for it.  But if you're in Galena.....maybe not so much.    


A Lady's Life said...

Learning about zones makes it so much easier about which plant to plant where but lately nature has been playing tricks. :)

Dave Coulter said...

ALL - Yep. We're having a pretty mild winter here. So far!